We have pre-IPO opportunities available within our company for investors of all sizes via our current Tier 2 offering term sheet.

Regulation A+ Crowdfunding makes this possible. With direct access to many real estate development projects of all shapes and sizes, we at RegACRE are constantly on the lookout for investor money for these deals, both for accredited and non-accredited investors. These are all hand-picked deals we think are major winners in a variety of price ranges.

If you’d like to get more information and a term-sheet on investing in our vision, please fill out the form below for a confidential no-obligation consultation to find out if there’s synergy between your investment objectives and the types of projects we produce and invest in ourselves. You are under no obligation and all information is kept strictly confidential.




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RegACRE, Inc. must first qualify the offering with Federal regulators, before investment into this Regulation A Plus deal can occur. Prior to doing so, RegACRE, Inc. will be “Testing the Waters” to gauge market demand from potential investors for an Offering under Tier II of Regulation A. No money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response, it will not be accepted. Offers to buy securities cannot be accepted, and no part of the purchase price can be received, until an offering circular on Form 1-A is qualified. Any offer can be withdrawn or revoked at any time before notice of its acceptance is given after the qualification date of the offering circular. No sales of securities will be made or commitment to purchase accepted until qualification of the offering statement by the Securities and Exchange Commission and approval of any other required government or regulatory agency. An indication of interest made by a prospective investor is non-binding and involves no obligation or commitment of any kind. No offer of securities will be made without a qualified offering circular.

Generally, no sale may be made to you in this offering if the aggregate purchase price you pay is more than 10% of the greater of your annual income or net worth. Different rules apply to accredited investors and non-natural persons. Before making any representation that your investment does not exceed applicable thresholds, we encourage you to review Rule 251(d)(2)(i)(C) of Regulation A. For general information on investing, we encourage you to refer to www.investor.gov.